2009 Exhibition

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Exhibition - Poster

Exhibition - Brochure

2011 Elements

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Copper and paper sculpture; 15 ft. x 15 ft. x 6 ft. at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore.

This site specific sculpture was commissioned by Attakalari for their Biennale 2011, an international dance festival in Bangalore.


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Group exhibition of book sculptures at Scion, Indira nagar, on July 1-3, 2011. This was a culmination of a book making workshop for artists at the studio in June. See "studio events " page for details and pictures.

Review of UNBOUND ; The Hindu, July 2011

Review of UNBOUND ; Deccan Herald, July 2011

Preview of UNBOUND ; Timeout Bangalore, June 2011

PEA Awards 2013, UK

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The PEA (People & Environment Achievement) Awards, UK, reflects a desire to recognise inspirational people who are making a difference to the green agenda and acknowledge their crucial contributions. The PEA trophies for 2013 were designed by Jenny Pinto .

The Java Olive or "sterculia foetida" tree produces these beautiful seed pods were an ideal base to hold 2 little butterfly "books" that had the award and the winners name screen printed inside. The pods were mounted on a teak wood base.

The Memory of Water; Exhibition at IIC, New Delhi

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The exhibition was part of the IWART film Festival 2014.