2_Sunday Express.pdf
Indian Express - April 3 , 2005

"this ad lady decided to slow down, widen her horizons, so she went from making ads with celebrities to making handmade paper from agricultural waste...."

Hindu Metro Plus - March 23, 2005

"something as plain and simple as paper takes forms unimaginable
in jenny pinto's hands..."

IDI Indian Design and Interiors - March 2005

"jenny makes paper the old fashioned way, slowly, carefully and without chemicals in her studio that shares her paper's unique characteristics..."

Elle Decor - November 2004

winner of the ELDIDA award for woven paper panels wilth Julie Kagti

6_City Magazine.pdf
India Today - August 2007

"one of the few papermakers in the country , this former film maker started out with the aim of reconnecting with the earth. her projects and products bear testimaony to her sucess"

Hand Papermaking - US publication dedicated to hand papermaking. Winter 2006

"Pinto's personal aesthetic is spare, minimilist in design and somewhat reminiscent of Noguchi. natural form and colour are celebrated..."

Femina Annual - December 2007

" jenny Pinto has come full circle. from making ads to..."

9_India Today_home.pdf
India Today Home : Focus on lighting - Feb 2008

Pinto designs a truly organic range of lights..."

10_design today oct 2010.pdf
Mint - April 28, 2007

"Pinto's products take inspiration from nature, being a luminous shell shaped..."

Mint - July, 2009

"Behind the earth and stone structure that houses Jenny Pinto’s paper-making..."

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12_design today oct 2010.pdf
Design Today - October 2010

"Lighting and paper artist Jenny Pinto says that it is time we reduce the intensity of light that surrounds us most of the time and bring back the romance of shadows into our living spaces"

Deccan Herald, Feb 2011

“Bring back the romance of shadow play into your living space,” suggests Jenny Pinto. A true nature lover at heart, who loves all things green,

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Deccan Herald, July 2011

One really admired the idea behind the ''Unbound'' exhibition (Scion, July 8 to10) which, instead of merely illustrating texts, as an artist’s books in an unconventional....

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Timeout Bangalore, June 2011

Despite the air of exclusivity that sometimes surrounds them, many viewers of art remain unfamiliar with artists’ books

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17_Time Out Oct 28- Nov 10, 2011 part 1.pdf
Timeout Bangalore, Nov 2011

"In the end, everything has to be trashed," said designer Devika Krishnan. But doomsday can be delayed, according to her, by....

21_AD_Perspective_Indie-Design - Copy-2.jpg
Meet The Indies - Architectural Digest Perspective January 2015

Handmade banana - fibre paper can bring a light quality to a home decor that is quite unique.

20_Jenny Pinto Home review jan 2015.pdf
Naturally Illuminated - Home Review Magazine

Art and Culture, Issue of Feb 21
"Leading Lady of the Lamps"
A Bengaluru-based designer uses paper for her creative discovery and satisfaction.


TimeOut-Nov 2011