The paper we make in my studio is used to make a range of lights, stationery and home accessories. Although I work with many fibers, banana fiber is my preferred raw material. It is the long silky fibers from the trunk of the banana tree. The inherent strength and beauty of the paper it produces , is a delight to work with.

With light it's sheer poetry.
It seems to invite the light in and envelope it with warmth and sensuality. The magic of paper and light lies in the eloquence of shadows. I try and create interesting shadows , both, within the paper, using various wet and dry techniques, and in the design of the lamps, books and accessories I make.

Besides products displayed on this site, I also do site-specific light sculptures and customised papers, books and lights.

I experiment with new fibers all the time. Both for my work as well as for the rural projects i am involved in.